Hearing Tests

What to Expect the Hearing Test

Our hearing tests involve a short, easy process that can ease your concerns and answer questions about how well you hear.

The hearing test takes approximately 30 minutes.  Our Audiologist will visually inspect your ear prior to the hearing test to determine the health of the ear canal and eardrum as well Audiogram600as any obstructions present in the ear canal such as earwax.  The audiologic (hearing) test battery includes a series of tests to give a complete picture of your ear and hearing status.

First, you will listen to a series of tones (or beeps) across a range of pitches to determine the softest sounds you are able to hear.  This tells us your exact hearing levels for different pitches.  It will be plotted on a graph called an audiogram.  

You will then repeat a series of words and sentences to determine the softest level you hear speech as well as measuring your word recognition ability

The status of your middle ear and eardrum is assessed with a pressure test called tympanometry.    Other tests include speech testing in background noise.  Our Audiologist will review the results, answer any questions and make appropriate recommendations based on the hearing test.

Reasons To Test Your Hearing:

  • You suspect you have a hearing loss
  • You have ear pain, dizziness/vertigo or ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • You have difficulty understanding conversations with multiple talkers or in noisy environments
  • A friend or relative requests a hearing test