Hearing Solutions Products and Services


Our Hearing Aid and Audiology Services

We are a private, non-franchised hearing clinic which allows for choices between many established hearing aid manufacturers versus a single brand. Our Audiologist has the option to choose between various hearing aid technologies and hearing aid features to pair the best solution with your hearing needs. Having access to multiple hearing aid brands allows our Audiologist more flexibility to correct your hearing loss.

We are not a “big chain”, “big box” or retail store and don’t use sales gimmicks to entice patients.  We keep it small and personal.  We have the education and expertise to fit and program your hearing aids so that you will love your hearing!  We use the most advanced fitting equipment to make sure you hear your best – even in the most difficult listening situations. We have a reputation for excellence among the patients we serve because we are experts who care.

Comprehensive hearing tests and individual attention from our Audiologist is the backbone of hearing care at Hearing Solutions in the Triangle, PLLC. We provide hearing screenings, baseline hearing tests, and comprehensive hearing evaluations – which include specific tests for hearing sensitivity, measures of speech understanding in quiet and in real-world background noise.  We also utilize specialized hearing tests and video otoscopy to examine the ear and determine the nature and extent of hearing loss.

Hearing Solutions in the Triangle, PLLC takes the time to listen and understand your communication needs so that your lifestyle is incorporated into our recommendations. Our Audiologist has a lifelong commitment to providing personal and professional hearing care to residents in Chapel Hill, NC, Durham, NC, Raleigh, NC and Research Triangle Park, NC.


  • Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations
  • Tinnitus Evaluations and Treatment
  • Hearing Aid Evaluations/Consultations
  • Communication Needs Assessment
  • Digital Hearing Aids: All styles/levels of technology
  • Real-Ear Measurement
  • Hearing Aid Repairs and Service
  • Hearing Aid Reprogramming and Adjustments
  • Counseling and Aural Rehabilitation
  • Listening Training
  • Seminars – to Public or Private Groups / Associations 


  • Batteries:  sizes 312, 13, 10, 675
  • Custom Earmolds for Hearing Aids, iPods, 
  • Custom Swim Plugs / Sleep Plugs
  • Dri & Store and Dri Briks
  • Earplugs for Professionals and Recreation
  • Hearing Aid Accessories and Parts
  • Hearing Protection Devices (custom and re-usable)
  • Musicians Earplugs / In-Ear Monitors
  • Wireless Hearing Aid Devices
  • TV Listening Devices / Alerting Devices / Smoke Alarms
  • Amplified Telephones / CaptionCall Telephone