Listening Training to help
with Hearing Loss

Listening training is invaluable
in overcoming hearing loss

Girl using listening training to overcome hearing lossListening training is an important part of treating your hearing loss and, if you wear hearing aids, augment their effectiveness.  (Click here to see why.)

Training your brain to hear and understand in background noise, understand rapid speech, or help fill in a missed word is essential to maintain your listening skills – with or without a hearing loss. Keep those hearing pathways in your brain sharp! (see Listening vs. Hearing)

Hearing loss or not – you may simply wish to improve your listening skills OR enhance the benefits of your hearing aids by using LACE training. It will help you get the most out of your hearing in difficult situations. Think of it as physical therapy for your ears!

Talk with our Audiologist about the best way to utilize this speech training for your personal benefit!  We include LACE training with hearing aid purchases to enhance your listening power.

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