Restaurant Noise Review: Acme Food and Beverage, Carrboro, NC

Just want a nice meal and conversation?  Use our restaurant noise reviews as a resource when planning an evening out to know what your ears can expect!

Acme Food & Beverage – Carrboro, NC – Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 7 pm

Decibel Reading:  62 dB     Sound Equivalent:  Laughter

Conversation:  Easy

Rating:     speaker-green


Comments:  We found conversation to be easy and pleasant at a table for two.  We were Acme Food and Beverageseated near a partition which helped block out surrounding table noise. There was no intrusive music in the background. The tables were separated from the open bar and there was a separate kitchen area which kept noise to a minimum.  This restaurant had high ceilings and hard surfaces (floors, wood chairs/tables) so we were pleasantly surprised that noise did not interfere with our conversation, especially since the restaurant appeared to be at capacity on St. Patrick’s Day!  Good place to go to catch up and enjoy a nice meal!

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