Restaurant Noise Review: JuJube, Chapel Hill, NC

JuJube – Chapel Hill, NC Wednesday, July 8, 2015 – 6:30 pm

Decibel Reading:  68 dB     Sound Equivalent:  Office

Conversation:  Easy

Rating:     speaker-green

Comments:  Easy to chat and catch up at JuJube, since we were not eating at a peak time. Initially, we were seated under a music speaker, which was promptly turned down making

Jujube2 smconversation much more tolerable.  Few windows, leather chairs and use of tablecloths minimized noise interference as well as being separated from the bar in another room.  As more patrons began to fill the dining area, it continued to be easy to enjoy conversation.  Great place to go to catch up and enjoy a nice meal when dining at off-peak hours.

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