Restaurant Noise Review – Kitchen, Chapel Hill, NC

Kitchen, Chapel Hill, NC, Tuesday, April 26, 2015, 7:30 pm

Restaurant Noise Decibel Reading:  78 dB     Sound Equivalent:  Washing Machine

Conversation:  Raised Voices Necessary

Rating:     speaker-red   speaker-red   speaker-red

Comments:     Initially, restaurant noise did not interfere.  We were able to chat easily since we arrived early at this cozy French Bistro. But as the evening progressed, there was much more restaurant noise – and much more difficulty following conversationsKITCHEN-CHAPEL-HILL sm.  Contributing to this noisy competition were the closely set tables and high ceilings that created a noisy interference with your neighbor.  I would suggest coming to this delightful restaurant at an earlier time with less interference and enjoy your dining with easier conversations!  Choose your table wisely!