Restaurant Noise Review: Bonefish Grill – Durham, NC

Just want a nice meal and conversation?  Use our restaurant reviews as a resource when planning an evening out to know what your ears can expect!

Bonefish Grill, Durham, NC – Thursday, January 15, 2015, 6:30 pm

Decibel Reading:  75 dB     Sound Equivalent:  Dishwasher

Conversation:  Occasionally Difficult

Rating:   speaker-yellow    speaker-yellow      Bonefish pic

Comments:  We found conversation to be pleasant with occasional difficulty.  The absence of loud background music was a plus as we were seated in a booth which offset the overall restaurant noise interference to a minimum.  Being near the entrance resulted in more activity and restaurant noise but we were able to follow our conversation without too many repetitions because we were in a booth. The separation of the bar and kitchen areas from the dining area kept the restaurant noise interference to a minimum.  We enjoyed the food and found Bonefish Grill to be a place to enjoy a nice meal and conversation if you are selective in your seating.





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