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Why We Love Loud Music


Most of us LOVE loud music. Loud music can mean high energy, fun and excitement.  Cranking up the volume stimulates the brain in the pleasure center.   It raises the intensity of the experience – whether it is on the dance floor, working out or at a concert.  Here’s why:

loud music

Loud music

Loud music is a stimulant.  Loud music increases the heart rate and body temperature just like caffeine, exercise and alcohol.  Studies show that loud music improves exercise performance by increasing endurance, power and strength.   Look at everyone in the gym with earbuds!

Loud music relieves stress.  Listening to music is a form of “de-stressor”.   A small organ in the inner ear links directly to the pleasure centers in the brain.  Loud music stimulates the release of endorphins from this connection.  This tiny ear organ (called the sacculus) is responsible for our enjoyment of music!



  Music evokes emotions.  There are strong connections in the brain between our emotions and the interpretation of sound.  Our brains release dopamine at peak moments in songs.  When we listen to a song we already know, the anticipation of favorite passages also releases dopamine.  This is why we get emotional with the songs you love!

Loud music “drowns out” the world.  Blocking out the world can feel necessary sometimes.  Loud music masks other sounds in the immediate surroundings. Loud music overwhelms the other senses similar to alcohol or drugs and changes our state of mind.  Our focus changes.  We focus less on other things when listening to loud music.  This allows us to enjoy “the moment” and the emotions of the music!

We like loud music because it changes our mood and behavior.  Excess produces hearing damage.  Moderation is best to prevent hearing disability.

For thoughts on social consequences of hearing disability, contact our Audiologist , Dr. Anita Carroll.

Why Do We Like Loud Music?


Why is listening to loud music fun?  Why do we turn up a good song Crowd in motion blurwhen we hear it and enjoy the beat of the loud music at a concert or nightclub?  There’s an energy and excitement that occurs at a concert or nightclub while we feel the bass thumping in our chest.

There is also a physical reason for humans to like loud music.  Our inner ear contains a tiny organ called the Sacculus which primarily contributes to our sense of balance.  Studies have shown that the Sacculus has neural connections to the parts of the brain that are responsive to all forms of pleasure – drives like hunger, sex and hedonistic urges.  People get a pleasurable “buzz” when they listen to music and this may be behind the cultural phenomenon of loud music.  Continue reading