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Listeners: 4 Types

4 Types of Listeners:  What are you?

  1.  People-oriented:  Focus on feelings of others and the importance of relationships.  They enjoy humor and examples.
  2.  Action-oriented:  Focus on task as hand and what needs to happen.  They are problem solvers and focus on who, what, when and where it will get done.
  3.  Time-oriented:  Focus on efficiency and facts.  They just want the important details to make it clear and concise.
  4.  Content-oriented:  Focus carefully on content from different viewpoints.  They want evidence to back up the facts.

    What type of listener are you?

Listening allows you to correctly interpret what you hear.  Listening skills can degrade as your hearing declines.  Practice focused listening for short time intervals each day to strengthen these skills.  Good listening skills will help if you have reduced hearing!

Restaurant Noise Review: The Cheesecake Factory, Durham, NC

The Cheesecake Factory, Durham, NC, Saturday, October 3, 7:30 pm

Decibel Reading:  78 dB     Sound Equivalent:  Washing Machine

Conversation:  Raised voices necessary

Rating:    speaker-red   speaker-red   speaker-red

Comments:  The restaurant was crowded and noise was bouncing around in all directions:  the open bar, patrons waiting to be seated as well as full dining tables all contributing to the noise Cheesecake Factory smoverload. Fortunately, we were seated in a booth away from the bar and waiting area – which helped subdue the overall noise levels.  This was “peak” dining time with the noise to prove it.  Surprisingly – once we were in the booth, we were able to converse with only a few repetitions and raised voices.  The upholstered booths were able to isolate some of the noise from the open bar and waiting patrons.  Enjoyed the food, but would recommend off-peak hours if you want an easier time conversing together during dinner!

Restaurant Noise Review: Acme Food and Beverage, Carrboro, NC

Just want a nice meal and conversation?  Use our restaurant noise reviews as a resource when planning an evening out to know what your ears can expect!

Acme Food & Beverage – Carrboro, NC – Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 7 pm

Decibel Reading:  62 dB     Sound Equivalent:  Laughter

Conversation:  Easy

Rating:     speaker-green


Comments:  We found conversation to be easy and pleasant at a table for two.  We were Acme Food and Beverageseated near a partition which helped block out surrounding table noise. There was no intrusive music in the background. The tables were separated from the open bar and there was a separate kitchen area which kept noise to a minimum.  This restaurant had high ceilings and hard surfaces (floors, wood chairs/tables) so we were pleasantly surprised that noise did not interfere with our conversation, especially since the restaurant appeared to be at capacity on St. Patrick’s Day!  Good place to go to catch up and enjoy a nice meal!


Restaurant Noise Review for Bennett Pointe Grill, Durham, NC

Just want a nice meal and conversation? Use our reviews as a resource when planning an evening out to know what your ears can expect!

Bennett Pointe Grill, Durham, NC, Sunday, December 9, 2014 – 7pm

Decibel Reading:  73 dB     Sound Equivalent:  Living Room Television

Conversation:  Occasionally Difficult

Rating:     speaker-yellow   speaker-yellow

Comments:   We enjoyed the food, but conversation was occasionally difficult and required some repetitions for continuity.  We were seated at a table in the middle of the dining area that contained hard floors with no upholstery or soft coverings to absorb the sound.  Booths were present around the perimeter which may help reduce the noise but did not have seat cushions to absorb the noise.  Separate kitchen and bar areas helped control the noise interference.  A notable feature was the absence of loud background music – which helped reduce the overall noise interference. This restaurant can be a place to enjoy a meal and conversation if you choose a booth and do not sit in the center of the dining area.

Listening vs. Hearing: Hear the Difference!

     Hearing is a sense.  Listening is a skill.  Hearing is passive – it takes no effort to hear brain, musicsound.  Hearing occurs 24/7 and cannot be turned “off”.  Listening is active – it requires attention and is a brain skill.  Brain (or cognitive) abilities that are important for good listening skills are memory, processing speed and attention skills.

Listening makes sense out of the sounds you hear.  We don’t simply want louder sounds, but meaning from the sounds.  If the quality of sound is degraded from even a mild hearing loss, then the brain becomes inefficient in how it does the listening – making a heavier “load” on the brain, increasing listening effort and fatigue. Continue reading