Restaurant Noise Review: Watts Grocery Restaurant

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Watts Grocery Restaurant, Durham, NC, Sunday, October 26, 2014,  7pm

Decibel Reading:  79 dB     Sound Equivalent:  Alarm Clock

Conversation:  Raised voices and repetitions necessary

Rating:  speaker-red   speaker-red   speaker-red

Comments:  The very high, open ceiling leads to a lot of echoing / bouncing of noise while dining.  The tables are close together with hard surfaces so it is difficult to separate neighboring conversations from your own.  The bar is located in the dining area and contributes to the noise that surrounds you.  Conversation was possible at a small table for 2 but struggled as more patrons arrived – requiring frequent repetitions.  We were seated along an upholstered bench that absorbs some of the noise and would recommend sitting here rather than in the wide, open dining area.  Enjoyed the food but be aware that noise can get to be intrusive.

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