Smoke Alarms for the
Hearing Impaired

Lifetone HL Bedside Fire Alarm and
Clock for the Hearing Impaired


A bedside Smoke alarm for the deaf or hearing impaired is equipped with sensors that will detect alarm signal emitted from your current smoke detector.  It responds by generating a loud, low-frequency alarm that has been shown to wake nearly 100% of sleeping adults, including those with hearing loss, older adults, heavy sleepers and children (ages 6-16 years).


The sensor monitors your current smoke alarm.  When it hears the alarm, it responds with a loud, low-frequency alarm at a close proximity to enable effective awakening by most sleeping adults.

  • Used at bedside for a louder signal and more effective protection for the hard of hearing while sleeping.
  • Equipped with a bed shaker which plugs into back of Lifetone unit (optional).
  • Display flashes “FIRE” for additional warning.
  • Plugs easily into electrical outlet at bedside.
  • Uses 4-D cell batteries for battery backup.
  • Emits a lower 520 Hz Square-Wave low-frequency alarm signal for more effective awakening of the hard of hearing. 
  • Standard smoke detectors emit a 3100 Hz high frequency alarm signal which is in the range of typical hearing losses and won’t wake nearly 50% of adults with mild to severe hearing losses.
  • Includes a strong tactile bed shaker for additional waking effectiveness.
  • Functions as a standard alarm clock.
  • Protection where you sleep.