Dental Hearing Protection

Hearing protectorDental hearing protection is important while you work, and readily provided by high-tech dental earplugs for dentists, dental hygienists and other medical and dental professionals.  Don’t let your dental career cause hearing loss! Prevention of hearing loss from dental noise is possible while still allowing for clear communication with patients and staff! (see Musicians Earplugs)

Dental professional subjected to potentially damaging noiseThe inner ear can be slowly damaged by cumulative exposure to noise, similar to sun damage. Symptoms of hearing loss include:

Variables affecting damaging noise exposure for the dentist and staff include:

  • Multiple sources of dental noise (suction and drill operating at same time)
  • Proximity of dental equipment to the ear
  • Use habits, chairside position, and years of dental experience

Dental DrillHearing requirements of dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants are unique. Our Audiologist at Hearing Solutions in the Triangle, PLLC will recommend appropriate ear protection with specific earplugs for your hearing environment.

Specialized dental earplugs are available with high-tech filters (originally designed for musicians) to provide comfortable ear and hearing protection with clear communication. Individual filters are recommended based upon exposure levels while providing high-quality sound without muffling speech. We can help prevent unnecessary hearing loss from the dental clinic!

Contact our Audiologist or call 919-968-7556 for recommendations on controlling your noise exposure and reducing your risk of hearing loss with the use of dental hearing protection. Protect your ears and hearing with dental earplugs!

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