Musicians Earplugs

Who Uses Musicians Earplugs?

musicians earplugsMusicians Earplugs are an effective choice for anyone who needs to hear accurately in noise.  They were initially designed to protect hearing while preserving all the subtleties and richness of music and speech.  Because they are made from custom ear impressions and use specialized filters, music and speech sounds as clear as the original, just quieter.

Users of Musicians Earplugs find themselves in a variety of different settings and are exposed to high levels of sound, for varying periods of time.  They require adequate ear and hearing protection with the capability to communicate under adverse listening conditions.  Many uses/occupations for Musicians Earplugs are listed below:

Airline Personnel:  Passengers; Flight Instructors; Crew

Athletics:  Sporting Events; Coaching; Athletes

Emergency Personnel:  EMTs; Highway Patrol; Firefighters

Leisure:  Clubs; Spectators; Bartenders

Medical/Dental:  Dentists; Hygienists; Technicians; Surgeons

Music:  Concerts; DJs; Marching Bands; Musicians