Restaurant Noise Review: Weathervane @ Southern Season, Chapel Hill, NC

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Weathervane, Chapel Hill, NC, Sunday, November 16, 2014 – 7pm

Decibel Reading:  70 dB     Sound Equivalent:  Quiet Passenger Car

Conversation:  Easy

Rating:  speaker-green

Comments:  Enjoyed easy conversation for the entire dinner with a hard of hearing family member!   The design of this restaurant assists with noise control:  Upholstered booths and barriers to separate the chatter as well as moderate height ceilings and good table spacing. There was no interference from the kitchen area and the bar was in a separate location which kept the extra noise away from diners.  It was not overly busy, which helped with the noise levels. This restaurant is on our list to return to connect, socialize and enjoy good food – especially over the holidays!










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