Lost Without My Hearing Aid “At age 48, I received my first hearing aids. Twenty-three years later, Anita Carroll is still my audiologist. From the start, my adjustment was easy thanks to Anita’s highly personalized service – and her beautiful laugh makes any day better. Recently, I lost my hearing aid while voting. Until I could buy a new one, I decided to tough it out without a loaner, even though my hearing in that ear is minimal. Then one morning Anita called me: “someone at the voting precinct has found your aid.” I left that minute and drove 20 miles to the county seat. Sitting in the parking lot, I put the aid back into my ear and gorgeous stereophonic sound flooded my happy ears. That brought home just how shrunken my life had become during those weeks of muffled sound and misunderstandings. Timers on the stove: unnoticed. A beautiful solo at church: unheard. My granddaughter’s happy little face: puzzled. How did my aid get back to me? A savvy county employee checked the serial number and that led her to Anita Carroll’s office. I owe so much: to that kind worker, and to Anita.”

Linda D.

Awesome to Work With an Audiologist Who Digs Musicians “As a musician, my general experience with audiologists is that they don’t know much about the needs of a musician, which are different than an old guy who needs a hearing aid. But dudes, Anita Carroll breaks that stereotype! She was right on it. Anita made me some awesome custom in-ear monitor sleeves that I wear on stage now and they’re perfect. She had some sweet information to share about what to look out for in terms of hearing damage in the music world. Definitely coming back to her for my next set of molds! Cheers mates.”

Harry M.

Can You Hear Me Now? “This may be a joke to some but those of us with hearing loss don’t really think it’s funny! With my new hearing aids, technology has come a long way! i heard every word my teacher said in a lecture..for the first time !! Anita Carroll has worked with me to maximize my use of the new technology in hearing aids. In a noisy situation I reached up for the magic button on top of aid, noise went right down in volume !! Just remember to disconnect it when your environment changes !!! If you are considering updating your hearing aids, I say “go for it “hear again !! you’re worth it.”

Alice V.

There’s Only One Way To Rock “I play in a rock band and we like to play loud. After years of struggling to find a balance between protecting my ears and hearing the nuances of the music being played, I’m thrilled the problem is solved with my custom earplugs. I was very impressed with the detailed assessment Anita conducted as part of the fitting process. She knows the right questions to ask gigging musicians. She is a total professional and I highly recommend Hearing Solutions in the Triangle.”

Erik K.

A Very Satisfied Musician “From start to finish, I was very pleased with the service I received from Anita Carroll. I record and perform rock music in clubs on the east coast and I’ve regrettably neglected the best hearing protection. I visited Anita and she took custom moldings and turned them into Sensaphonic earplugs. They fit perfectly. I can now hear everything I need to–at a safe volume–without damaging my ears.”

Gino O.

Professionalism “I contacted Anita Carroll because I knew little about hearing aids and wanted professional guidance with my decisions. After two months with Dr. Carroll I know that I made the right decision. Dr. Carroll has been patient teaching me what I needed to know to get the maximun benefit from my new hearing aids.”

Joe H.

The Difference Between Day and Twilight “I am 72 and have been wearing hearing aids for 5 years. In addition to being lots of fun to work with, Anita clearly knows her stuff, understands hearing loss, has lots of patience, and returns calls promptly. Her office is small and you don’t feel like a number, or that you are being rushed. She is further from me than Duke and their audiologists, but it is worth the extra time and gas to get there. I say “twilight” in my title, because I DO hear, but didn’t always understand. Now I know what’s going on behind me and on all sides. I am blessed to be able to get State Of The Art hearing aids at this time in my life! The concert in Chapel Hill was fabulous and we were in the second to the last row. Dinner beforehand was noisy, but I no longer am disconcerted by background noise. I can concentrate easily, and at the Fitness Center have no trouble with hearing the instructor. No longer am I self conscious about feeling young but “looking older” because of my hearing aids. Remember “your hearing loss is more noticeable than your hearing aids”

Nancy J.

My Hearing Aids Totally Changed My Life! “My hearing aids have totally changed my life: social, work and home. Eating out is a pleasure again. Not only do I hear the waitress ask how I want my steak cooked but I can hear my wife talking softly across the table from me. Before hearing aids the background noise could be so distracting that I could not distinguish the sounds and voices near me. Working in the courtroom is so different now. From the Judge on the bench, to the person beside me, to the person walking by, or even someone behind me they are all clear and understandable. Sometimes things or people beside me may be loud and I really need to hear someone on the other side so I touch a button on the hearing aid to bring them in clearly – eavesdropping is such fun – I just love it! My wife even likes them. She thinks I’m listening and paying better attention because I hear her the first time even when she walks by and on out of the room (maybe it’s me that likes them!).”

Jimmy D.

Effective Solution to a Musician’s Problem! “As a pianist practicing daily on a beautiful but loud Steinway Grand and playing ensemble with other loud instruments like trumpets, I had run into a worrisome problem. My piano playing was aggravating my hearing loss and tinnitus. Furthermore, I had developed a sensitivity to loud sounds, which was seriously interfering with my musical pleasure. Yet for me discontinuing music was not acceptable. I had taken my problem to Duke Audiology, but they could not come up with an effective solution. Anita came to the rescue! She fitted me with musicians’ earplugs, and they work beautifully. Now I can hear my music and that of my colleagues without the unpleasant side effects. She also was very helpful with other aspects of my hearing problem, including management of my hearing aids.”

Alexander D.

A Wonderful Experience! “Anita Carroll started on time, was knowledgeable, smart, efficient, and friendly. I have been going to Duke Audiology for the last ten years but am glad I switched. Duke’s care was fine, but Anita clearly loves her work and it shows. And her office is more convenient, has free parking, and offers the kind of personal care that only a small practice can offer. She was very willing to answer all my questions and explained various hearing aid options. and she talked to the dispensary and put me on the line and everything was taken care of in one visit.”

Stephen C.

Every Musician Should Get a Hearing Test “I began to experience the first signs of tinnitus a few months ago and decided that it was time to see an audiologist. I’ve been playing music since elementary school and started playing in loud rock bands in High School. I looked around for a good audiologist and found Anita Carroll. She was a very good and professional audiologist. I got an appointment in a reasonable time. She recommended that I invest in some musicians earplugs which I did. She was able to take ear-molds at my initial appointment. I received my new ear plugs in just a few weeks. Overall I am very happy with the whole experience and I really enjoy my new ear plugs (it’s really amazing what a difference they make!)”

Channing O.

My Hearing Aids “Since acquiring my hearings aids from your office, my quality of life has improved in several ways. I am most grateful for your encouraging spirit, continuing support and professional assistance during my followup visits to your office. I also appreciate your prompt and effective response to my occasional calls to you.”

Susan G.

Great Service! “My hearing aid was stopped up and not working so I called to see if she could fix it. She got me in right away and knew what to do. She replaced some parts and cleaned it up and it was ready to go -and I could hear my family I had come to visit. Nice place and friendly service. Will come back for more.”

Jean W.

Anita Carroll – Chapel Hill “Anita has been my audiologist from day one. When she became associated with Hearing Solutions, I did not hesitate to call her. I am extremely satisfied with her professional experience and expertise in dealing with my hearing aid needs. When we hit a snag in the process of adjusting the new aids to my satisfaction, she found the solution. I highly recommend Anita and Hearing Solutions to everyone. Thank you.”

Marilyn S.

Hearing Aids For a Retired Person “My experience was all good. The tests to evaluate my hearing loss, which is mild to severe, were thorough and the aids have been all I could want. I was amazed at how much I had been missing. It is really pleasurable to attend meetings of my knit and crochet group because I hear all the conversations, and can participate in discussions. When I go to my workout circuit training, again I hear all that goes on. In cars, it is so good to hear without straining, or asking to have something repeated. Now, I feel that I can speak up if i miss a word, because the other person was not enunciating clearly, and they apologize! I think I am becoming more outgoing because I feel free to enter a comment and respond. If you are having trouble at social occa?ions and meetings because of hearing loss, do yourself and others a BIG favor, get tested and get a hearing aid!”

Audrey S.

High Quality Audiologist and Hearing Aid Provider “Anita Carroll is a highly professional audiologist and hearing aid dispenser. Anita sells products from several major manufacturers, which helps assure that your needs are met. She fits the device to the person, rather than fitting the person to the hearing aid. She is clearly very dedicated to the art and science of helping people manage their hearing and has been very accommodating. Her “I’m in charge here” manner may be offputting at times, but it comes from a desire to see that things are done right.”

Bruce L.

Great Service, Fantastic Atmosphere! “I recently went to Hearing Solutions with my grandson to get repairs done on my hearing aids. Boy, was I surprised to find that the service was phenomenal, and the price was really quite reasonable. Soothing piano tones welcomed my ears after the repairs were completed. Also, the lobby books were informative, particularly the Andy Goldsworthy book, which opened my eyes to the world of outdoor natural sculpture. What a gal, Anita Carroll!”

Barbara T.

I’m Very Satisfied “I am very satisfied and have recommended your service to others”

Bill C.

I Highly Recommend Anita Carroll For Anyone Who Has a Hearing Defect “I highly recommend Anita Carroll for anyone who has a hearing defect. Thank you, Anita, for being true and loyal to your profession, but even more for your understanding, patience, dedication and sensitivity to the needs of hearing-impaired people.”

Celeste K.

My Hearing Aids Have Truly Been a Blessing “I can’t thank you enough for the caring service which you have given me over the years. My hearing aids have truly been a blessing — I can now enjoy theatre, music, and dinners out with a crowd.”

Lillian K.

Anita Loves Her Work and it Shows! “Anita loves her work and it shows. She will do everything possible to determine the proper hearing aid needed. She will fit it perfectly! She is always helpful and capable. Anita — I thank God for you!”

Bobby S.

Experience is the Best I’ve Had! “Service is unsurpassed and my experience is the best I’ve had!”

Alice B.

I Really Appreciate the Extra Time and Attention! “I really appreciated the extra time and attention Anita took to make sure I got the best possible result from my hearing aids. I honestly can’t imagine what I would have done without her help.”

Juliana K.

Confident And Comfortable “I am so pleased with your thorough analysis of my hearing problem. You prescribed exactly the type of hearing device I needed. Your training and follow up visits have been very helpful. Now I rarely need to ask anyone to repeat their comments. When in a crowded restaurant or in church, I am much more confident and comfortable. Thank you so much for your competent and professional services.”

Denzil T.

A Better Life “Thank you for all of your help with my mother. She really liked you and had a high regard for you. Your help with my mother made her last years a whole lot better because she was able to hear!”

Anita C.

Custom Ear Plugs Work Like A Charm at Work and at Night! “Dr. Carroll is awesome, personal, and helped me get custom ear plugs to improve my focus and sleep quality. They work like a charm! 25y/m recently diagnosed with ADHD. Through talking with my therapist and psychiatrist, I was informed that helping reduce noise / exposure to a lot of stimuli can improve focus at work AND help me fall asleep more easily since my mind wouldn’t be trying to process everything. I.e, try ear plugs!!! The thing is, I have pretty small ears. Foam ear plugs worked okay but I had to readjust every couple minutes, and the reusable kind you get at stores hurt my ears after a while. Both were a nuisance when I was trying to sleep. I decided to look into getting a custom pair. I searched online and made an appointment with Dr. Carroll. I was able to schedule one within like 2 days and went in for a consultation. Dr. Carroll was super nice and helpful. She explained the benefits of custom plugs. They’re a little expensive up front, BUT they essentially last forever and require little maintenance to clean. And they’re shaped to fit your specific ears so they’ll be nice and snug. She took impressions of my ear canals, sent the info to get the plugs made, and they came just a couple weeks later. I couldn’t be happier with them – they fit snug, make things very quiet, don’t fall out at night, and don’t hurt if I leave them in overnight or while I’m working! If you or your child have ADHD I highly recommend looking into custom plugs or consulting with Dr. Carroll. Or if you’d just like to protect your hearing or focus more at work! Investment is worth it.”

Aaron K.

I Definitely Recommend “I went to Anita Carroll’s office in search for a solution to get a better night’s sleep in a noisy environment. Anita provided me with a solution that improved my sleep. Not only did the custom earplugs improve my sleep, but also I can put them on if needs be during the day. Excellent audiologist!”

Sebastien A.

Excellent Service and a Very Good Product “Because of a sudden hearing loss in one ear, I have been wearing hearing aids for eight years now. While my first pair helped in some environments, in noisy ones I usually turned them off because, in all the clatter and chatter, voiced sounds were lost. The new pair I received from Dr. Carroll two months ago are a marvelous improvement, and Dr. Carroll has provided excellent guidance. While I’ll never hear naturally from my “dead” ear, I do have MUCH improved audio receiving abilities.”

Lera T.

Custom Bragi Earbuds “WOW These are the best fitting of the custom earbuds I’ve owned, and are perfect for my work environment as they offer the incredibly convenient “transparency” feature, but can also create a super effective seal that’s comfortable but tight. The sound is great and the technology is impressive. Kudos to Hearing Solutions in the Triangle for the amazing impressions and custom fit!”

Tyler C.

I Should Have Done This Sooner “I had hearing problems for years. They weren’t severe, but I was asking people to repeat what they said regularly. The most common word coming from me was “What?”. Why did I take so long to address my problem? Maybe because I thought of hearing aids as part of the package that included false teeth, canes and walkers. They’re only for “old people”. Well, they aren’t only for old people, but they are for old people, and I am one of them. When an old friend who I hadn’t seen for years told me he had just gotten hearing aids and thought they were wonderful, I decided it was time to make my move. I was surprised and happy to find that I am actually having fun with them. My hearing aids have become part of my of my adult toy collection: tablets, smart phones, bluetooth headsets, remote speakers. I have created special settings for some of my activities. But more important, I no longer irritate others or am irritated by others because I no longer have to keep asking “What?””

Stanley M.

A Whole New World “I have been going to Hearing Solutions for quite some time. Getting my newest hearing aids (MUSE by Starkey) was like a whole new world opening up for me. They really have eased my frustrations of hearing, but not clearly enough, to fully understand. I was missing a lot in my life. For the first time in a long time, my wife and I actually can have conversations even in noisy restaurants. There are so many more examples that I could list of how my life has been enhanced by the newest technology in hearing aids. Not only that, Dr Carroll has done an excellent job of fine tuning and changing settings to suit my needs. I highly recommend Hearing solutions of the Triangle.”

Rick D.

Never Assume Your Hearing Cannot Be Improved “My father went for years with only one hearing aid in his left ear. He firmly believed that he had lost all hearing in his right ear and by the time he moved to Chapel Hill the hearing aid in his left ear needed to be replaced as well. Anita Carroll gave Dad a comprehensive hearing test and found he could benefit from new hearing aids in both ears. At first, with the right hearing aid Dad heard sound but it seemed like random noise to him. Over time he has been able to distinguish sounds and spoken words with his right ear as well as his left. Dr. Carroll worked closely with Dad to get him a fit that was very comfortable as well addressing his hearing difficulties. The improvement in his quality of life has been wonderful. We are very grateful to Dr. Carroll for her skill and guidance that led to this result.”

Jeanne M.

I Wouldn’t Go Without Them! “For years I thought that the tweeters in my stereo were failing and my guitar was of poor quality. I struggled to hear certain conversations at work, especially in meetings with several people. And, I was surprised at how fatigued I was after a full day at work. Someone suggested I visit an audiologist. Dr. Carrol informed me that I have suffered hearing loss, especially in the higher frequencies, and that struggling to hear conversations can be quite fatiguing. With my hearing aids, I now enjoy music much more, appreciate the sounds from my guitar, and I have much more energy in the evenings after work. Dr. Carroll has programmed my aids to make the most of a variety of situations. Thanks to her, I wouldn’t go a day without them.”

Bob M.

Best Ever “This is the third set of hearing aids that Dr. Carroll has provided for me and they are the BEST EVER!!! She has kept me up to date with adjustments, repairs, and tune ups for a long time and I can now hear things I haven’t heard in a long time. such as: walking across the grass, birds and crickets and frogs at night, breeze blowing through the trees, Humming Bird wings at the feeder, the high pitch of musical instruments. I went to a wedding and could hear the people around me when they talked, even with music, kids and lots of folks talking. I just returned from a cruise to the Bahamas and was able to turn on the “Look Zone” feature and converse with the other 5 people at our dining table and actually hear them. Thanks again for the great service and recommendations.”

Frank W.

I Feel Like A New Man “I never realized quite how bad my hearing was, or rather, how good it could become! I’m so glad to have worked with HST, I feel like I can hear in crystal clear HD!”

Alexander R.

Hearing Anew “This is the second set of hearing aids Hearing Solutions has provided to me and both sets have been excellent. Though the cost is high (and my business does not offer a rider to cover hearing aids), the benefits have been worth the expense. As a high school English teacher, I am constantly confronted with a wide variety of student voices. Some are easier to hear than others, but having hearing aids has made that task all but incidental. Over the past ten years, I have had a renewed life in the classroom because now I don’t have to strain to hear students with soft voices or hear students from across the room or in a crowd. In addition, my personal life at home and out with friends has been improved significantly because of my hearing aids. I can now hear what’s being said in conversations, both in the quiet of my home or in the noise of a party or restaurant. I have also received great care from Hearing Solutions when I’ve had the need for followup appointments or had a hearing aid in need of repair. Knowing all of the ins and outs of both the mechanics of the hearing aid and the vagaries of company repair policies, Hearing Solutions has helped me navigate anything and everything related to my hearing aids.”

Jordan A.

Wonderful Feature “No longer do my wife and I go back and forth – the TV is too loud or not loud enough. With the new technology I change the volume on my hearing aid and harmony.”

Harold J.

Ideal Hearing Aids “I just got my third set of hearings from Dr. Carroll a couple of months ago. (The others had been superseded by new technology over the years.) These latest ones are just about perfect. I can understand sermons in our church again, for the first time since the audio system was fiddled with a couple of years ago. I can contribute to conversations in restaurants with a high noise level again, too. Dr. Carroll takes a personal interest in my well-being and I’ve come to have complete confidence in her.”

Maurice B.

Enthusiastic Endorsement “Dr. Carroll has helped me far more than any of the other audiologists I have seen in the past. She spends more time with me to make sure that my devices are working as well as possible for me. She also provides communication training using the LACE software system. She clearly cares a great deal for her patients, and I appreciate it very much.”

Richard E.

Right Solution “The hearing aids I purchased at another location were just too uncomfortable to wear so it seemed I’d made a mistake in the purchase. After 2 years I decided to try another audiologist, Dr. Carroll. The difference in approach and attentiveness to the problems I was having has now made a rather expensive purchase worthwhile and my family life much less strained. Dr. Carroll is a professional and cares about the success of her patients. Not only has the comfort issue been resolved but Dr. Carroll has given me confidence in having an understanding and professional source of help in the future.”

Maurice B.

The Birds Are Really Loud! “I recently met with Anita for a hearing test which resulted in a first-time set of hearing aids. Throughout, she has been professional, personal, and supportive. After just a week, my hearing aids were simply a part of me. It’s spring, and I enjoy riding with my convertible top down; I can hear birds singing and was surprised by the clicking of the turn signal above the engine noise. The sound of music is richer, and I no longer set the TV volume at a foundation-shaking level. The hearing aids I purchased are blue-tooth connected to my iPhone. This means I can set different hearing modalities quickly and phone conversations come right into my ears — so well that I’ve stopped using my landline. My hearing aids are small, and people don’t notice them unless I point them out. Very easy to use and get used to.”

Peter W.

Wonderful Service; Now I Can Hear! “I visited Anita for a routine hearing exam and check of my hearing aid. The exam was thorough. In checking my six year old hearing aid, Anita discovered that it was not working at all. No wonder I haven’t been able to hear! Anita discussed the pros and cons of having my hearing aid repaired vs. buying a new hearing aid. She reviewed the many technological updates that are now available in hearing aids. She listened to me and addressed every one of my concerns. She provided literature on new hearing aids for me to review at home. She also described her process for fitting hearing aids. Her process is much more thorough than what I have experienced with other providers in the past. I have decided to purchase a new hearing aid. I look forward to trying the new technology and working with Anita. Update: Anita helped me select a new hearing aid, and I have been using it for about a month for my unilateral hearing loss. This new hearing aid is much better than my six year old hearing aid, and is also much better than the Lyric internal hearing aid I used for a short time. I had never really tolerated either the old hearing aid or the Lyric. The sound never seemed natural; I hated the feedback I experienced on a windy day and at the theater. In fact, I seldom used the old hearing aid and stopped using the Lyric after around three months. I really felt that hearing aids were a waste of money and I would never find one that worked for me. I was so wrong! My new hearing aid sounds natural and I can adjust it (using my iphone) to fit any type of listening environment. Although the adjustments I can make are almost limitless, so far I have found that the “normal” and “restaurant” settings have been all I’ve needed. I discussed with Anita how much better this new hearing aid is, and she said that technology has advanced a great deal in the last six or so years. I would add that the adjustments made by Anita have also been part of why my new hearing aid is working so well. I would also add that Anita is the first audiologist I’ve been to who explained everything about my hearing loss and my hearing aid so thoroughly. I don’t feel like I have to struggle with anything; I understand what is going on. This has made the whole experience much more pleasant for me. I would recommend that anyone who is experiencing a hearing loss try out the new technology. You might be pleasantly surprised.”

Robin L.

Patience Is Prudent “Dr. Anita Carroll is my audiologist and tends to my severe hearing loss. Her patience, her skills, her attention to detail, and listening to me, have made my life so much better. I am on my second set of hearing aids with Dr. Carroll. I received my latest set about three weeks ago. I had the worst first week with them ever. I knew there was no way I would keep them. At my one-week follow-up appointment, Dr. Carroll listened carefully to my issues and concerns and addressed each one. She made adjustments that were geared to my problems. Voices became so much clearer. I really couldn’t believe the improvement. I still had some issues, but I felt like I was back in touch with everything. Again last week, Dr. Carroll listened to me, and made appropriate adjustments. This week has been even better. I’ve gone from initially feeling isolated for a week to appreciating my hearing aids, and it’s because Dr. Carroll listened to me, questioned me, took notes, and adjusted my hearing aids. With these hearing aids and Bluetooth technology, my phone calls go directly to my hearing aids. Voices are so much clearer. I love this feature! I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Carroll. She patiently listens, she questions, she probes, she researches, she adjusts, AND she teaches you how to use the features available with the hearing aids.”

Rif R.

Wonderful Audiologist Who Actually Listens! “I visited Anita yesterday for an annual hearing evaluation and adjustment and check of my hearing aid. Her evaluation of my hearing was thorough, and, while checking my six year old hearing aid, she discovered that it was not functioning. No wonder I couldn’t hear! We discussed the alternatives, and suggested that I think about whether I wanted to have my hearing aid repaired by the manufacturer or purchase a new hearing aid. Anita reviewed the pros and cons of repair of old vs. purchase of new. She reviewed the updates that are now available in the new generation of hearing aids, and I took literature home to read. After thinking about what will work best for me, I decided to purchase a new hearing aid. Anita reviewed the steps she takes when she fits a new hearing aid. This process sounds much more careful and thorough than the fitting process I have had in the past. I look forward to ordering and trying my new hearing aid and working with Anita.”

Robin L.

Absolutely Fantastic Service “What an amazing change in my life to once again hear most of the world around me, birds, crickets, frogs in the pond, all the voices in a business meeting! I am full of joy with the way these hearing aids easily fit on my ear, are not at all noticeable either by another person or by myself even after a whole day of wearing them. The audiologist who taught me how to become a “hearer” again was a true teacher, kind, patient, gentle wise and understanding about me at my 88 years of age how this new device might be difficult for me. But she was extremely patient, a gifted teacher for sure.”

Barbara L.

I Can Finally Hear My microwave Beep!! “Anita has been providing me with hearing solutions since 2009. Prior to that my previous Audiologist had always insisted that I needed molded “in the ear” aids. I hated them. Anita fitted me with my first Widex BTE aids and they not only helped my hearing, but resolved my complaints about comfort etc. As my hearing continued to deteriorate, she gave me annual hearing tests and continued to adjust my volume and programming as needed. Finally my Widex aids were just not providing enough volume for me anymore and I knew it was time to upgrade to more powerful aids. Anita recommended the new Phonak Onida aids with bluetooth technology. I have had them about a month now have just been blown away by how great they are. I can hear sounds that I have not been able to hear in years. Anita gave me several programs that drastically reduce background noise and only amplify sounds coming from the direction I am facing. For years I missed so much of the conversation at parties and dinners and movies that I just quit going. I always had to have caption on the TV and my wife hates it. But these new aids have solved a lot of these problems for me. I no longer have trouble hearing spoken words in a group setting and can watch most TV programs without caption. Yes, I still have some challenges, but these Phonak aids are absolutely incredible. Well worth the price. Thanks to Anita and Phonak, I can hear again!!”

Jack H.

Musicians Earplugs – Preserving My Hearing “The musicians earplugs are comfortable after a short period of getting used to having something in your ear. They were a bit hard to install the first few times but it did not take long for me to get good at that. Sometimes when they are really dry it is hard to get them in. The filters work very well and don’t cut out too much of the highs. It is not like not having earplugs, it is harder to hear people talking to you, the music is quieter. But I think that is a fair trade-off for preserving my hearing. I do have some hearing loss from playing in bands without earplugs. I do not want to lose any more if I can help it. They are definitely much better than foam because you don’t lose all of the higher frequencies. I prefer wearing them in playing situations because there are no sudden and painful surprises when the drummer cracks his snare really hard. They love doing that all of a sudden.”

Ernie J.

Just DO IT! “I have recently upgraded my hearing aids to Phonak. These have helped me a great deal with communication at work and at home. I also like to watch and identify birds and the new hearing aids are awesome ! I wear them all the time. It took a few weeks to get used to soft sounds I didn’t usually hear (even with the older model of hearing aids) and adjust to what sounds needed attention. I also initially balked at the cost, BUT THE COST VS LIFE STYLE BENEFIT IS WELL WORTH IT! They are lightweight and unless I tell someone, they do not know I have them on.”

Gloria J.

Finally, I Can Hear AND Understand!! “I have had moderate to severe hearing loss for years. I tried hearing aids many years ago but never wore them for any extended period of time. Technology has improved, and my embarrassment for having to ask others to repeat, repeat, repeat has increased. I am so PROUD to wear hearing aids now. I brag about it to those who have had to repeat, repeat, repeat to me. Not only can I hear better, but also I can understand so much better. For the first several weeks, I was so amazed at what my hearing aids were doing for me. They greatly surpassed my expectations. I can hear chatter on sports fields that I never heard. I can follow speakers in noisy restaurants. I can understand sermons without relying on lip reading (and that wasn’t always effective). I can watch TV without relying totally on captions. I actually went to four different places before deciding to get my hearing aids from Anita Carroll. I immediately felt comfortable with her. Her hearing test was more extensive than the others. Anita was so patient with me and so responsive to my individual needs. I am SO appreciative. My advice to you: MAKE THAT APPOINTMENT NOW!! I wish someone had convinced me of that several years ago.”

Rif R.

New Lease On Life! “Addressing my hearing loss has added years to my life, heightening my daily enjoyment. Hearing Solutions in the Triangle has given me a new lease on both my socializing and learning. I can heartily recommend this personal and professional service!”

Allan G.

Great for DJing! “This review is extremely late, as I’ve had the earplugs for over a year now, but they are amazing! I am a full time professional DJ and i use the Etymotic earplugs at all my events. They are comfortable, block out excessive volumes, and the best part is that I can still hear my mix (FOH, Monitor, & Headphones) perfectly! Dr. Carroll was great to work with as well, I highly recommend her services and product!”

Ranganathan R.

I Like My Hearing Aids, But LACE Is Amazing! “I’d been wearing my Phonaks for a couple of months when I started using the LACE (Listening And Communication Enhancement) program that Anita had given me. I was skeptical that it would be of benefit but found the exercises challenging, so I persisted. After several sessions of the “Competing Speaker” exercise, I discovered that if I looked at the silhouette of the man, woman or child on the screen, I could understand the target voice much better. This surprised me, as nothing had changed as far as my hearing aids or ears were concerned; it was simply my focused attention that made the difference. The other discovery which really surprised me was in the “Rapid Speech” exercises. Although I had chosen the subject of the conversation from the list provided, there were many times when I did not understand and could not even guess what had been said. However, after reading what was said and replaying the sentence, i could hear clearly and understand it perfectly what, moments before, was unintelligible. All I can say is, hearing has a lot to do with brain function as well as ear function! Although I didn’t expect that I had performed very well on the course of exercises, I was happily surprised to learn from Anita on my follow-up visit that I had improved greatly is some areas during the 20 day LACE program. Encouraged, I have begun to continue with further LACE sessions.”

Sandy S.

Hearing Aid Predicament “We relocated to the Triangle area from New Jersey in June of 2012 and unfortunately I lost my hearing aide right before Christmas. To make matters worst my replacement warranty on the hearing aid ran out in the beginning of December. Frantically looking for help, I was fortunate to find Anita Carroll of Hearing Solutions in the Triangle. Talking with Anita on the phone, I explained to her my predicament. She made a special effort to see me the next day. During the appointment she called the hearing aid manufacturer and was able to extend the warranty to cover this loss, what a relief. Also at this appointment Anita administered a very comprehensive hearing test and explained in detail what my hearing loss was all about. One week later my replacement hearing aide was ready. As part of the adjustment process Anita demonstrated to my wife how my hearing loss would sound to a normally hearing person. This demonstration was very eye opening as well as emotional for her. It really brings home the fact that hearing loss not only affects the person with the loss but also everyone around them. We highly recommend Anita. She is very skillful, knowledgeable, caring and professional. I dare to say that as a direct result of Anita’s expertise my hearing is now better then it was when I originally received the hearing aide in New Jersey.”

John F.

These Earplugs Are Great! “The musicians earplugs are working out great! They are extremely comfortable to wear and did a great job of taking the volume down. I tried them in a percussion ensemble environment today and I could hear every other person as well as myself – something that my old earplugs would never let me do.”

Daniel B.

Now I Can Hear! “I was recently seen by Anita Carroll, Doctor of Audiology. I wanted to see what hearing loss I had. She tested each ear many ways with many sounds. She printed out a graph and told me all about my hearing loss in each ear. She fitted me with a set of hearing aids and I began hearing things I had not heard in years. I went to Church to worship and teach and could hear and understand clearly but was a bit too loud. Dr. Carroll hooked up to her computer and analyzed them and adjusted them down. Now I am adjusted to them and hearing well every day. I am so pleased with my new hearing aids and the service that I received from Anita Carroll and I highly recommend her!”

Johnny B.

A Must-Have For Marching Musicians “Those of us who have performed in a marching band understand the extreme volumes that our ears endure (especially in drum corps, brass musicians, or percussionists). What not everyone realizes is how damaging this can be to our ears. I have performed with the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps and currently work with several marching bands and an indoor drumline, and I definitely wish I had been using my custom Musicians Earplugs throughout my career. I started wearing the Earplugs about a month ago (Dec. ’12) when the indoor drumline began rehearsing (in a gymnasium, no less). At the very first rehearsal, I was amazed at the quality of sound I could still hear while at the same time having the harshness of a loud battery percussion section taken out of the equation. I am now able to hear in much greater detail without having to worry about the damaging effects to my ears. And at the end of rehearsal, two hours later, I had almost forgotten I was wearing them because they were so comfortable (customized modeled earplugs are the way to go). Dr. Carroll at Hearing Solutions in the Triangle was a great source of information about my hearing and the Musicians Earplugs. The process was quick, easy, educational, and personal. Dr. Carroll really seemed to care that musicians take a greater interest in their hearing. I strongly recommend anyone who has any question about their hearing make an appointment with Dr. Carroll and to ask about Musicians Earplugs. You won’t be disappointed, and your ears will thank you!”

Justin W.

Anita’s Skill And Experience Made A Difference “I have had a hearing deficiency all my life. I have been to several audiologists, have been fitted with hearing aids, and have been disappointed with the results. I struggled for years to understand conversations and couldn’t even hear the birds sing. Anita fitted me with dual hearing aids and the results were wonderful. As soon as I left her office I could hear birds singing and sounds that I had never heard clearly before. I knew that I could not be without my hearing aids. Anita’s knowledge, skill, continued service, and TLC has helped to make my day to day life so much better. Thank you so much Anita.”

Ava M.

Extremely Happy With The Service “Anita, I have been extremely happy with you and the service you have provided.”

Richard J.