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Hearing Help

hearing-helpYour hearing loss is more noticeable than your hearing aid.  Do this for yourself.

Hearing Protection

musician'splugExposed to high noise levels at work or play? Protect your hearing!


music-1Hearing is precious to no one more than a musician.  Yet music itself can damage it.

Tinnitus Service

tinnitusBothered by ringing, hissing, whistling sounds in your ears? There are remedies.


hearing-aidDo you have a hearing device that needs speedy repair? We can help in an emergency.

Hear Well for Life!

fluteHearing Solutions in the Triangle helps you hear your best with the latest hearing aid technology, comprehensive hearing tests, hearing protection devices and Audiology services in Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh, NC. Our exceptional Audiology and Hearing Aid services are provided in our clinic in Chapel Hill, NC and also through our innovative mobile Audiology services in Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill, NC. Read More

We are dedicated to educating you about baseline hearing tests, hearing loss, tinnitus, medical, dental and musician hearing protection, and hearing aid use. Our clinic offers a wide range of hearing aid technology and provides the necessary listening training for those who want to keep their hearing working at its best. We take time to know you and understand your hearing difficulties to bring sounds back into your hearing range. Our personal attention to detail creates a positive experience for all who choose our services.  Simply put: We listen – you hear! (more about our Mobile Services).

Hearing Assistance

Hearing Solutions in the Triangle provides hearing assistance with hearing aids, assistive devices and listening training. Talk with our Audiologist to get her recommendations for your needs.

Hearing Aids

Today’s hearing aids have evolved into advanced communication systems.Our Audiologist will review your hearing loss and determine which style and technology will work best for your particular situation. (more)

Assistive Listening Devices

There are some situations where additional technology may be needed. Additional devices are available to help people with all degrees of hearing loss. ( more)

Hearing Protection

We offer custom-made hearing protection for musicians, dentists, hunters and others who are exposed to high noise levels at work or play.


Hearing requirements of musicians are unique, and our Audiologist at Hearing Solutions in the Triangle will evaluate your personal noise risk and recommend appropriate ear protection for your hearing. (more)

Dental Professionals

Prevention of hearing loss from dental noise is possible while still allowing for clear communication with patients and staff ! (more)

Listening Training

Train your brain to hear and understand in background noise, hear rapid speech, or help fill in a missed word. This is essential to maintain your listening skills – with or without a hearing loss! (more)


Are you hearing ringing in your years? Worried about Tinnitus? (more)