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We are dedicated to educating you about baseline hearing tests, hearing loss, tinnitus, medical, dental and musician hearing protection, and hearing aid use. Our clinic offers a wide range of hearing aid technology and provides the necessary listening training for those who want to keep their hearing working at its best. We take time to know you and understand your hearing difficulties to bring sounds back into your hearing range. Our personal attention to detail creates a positive experience for all who choose our services. Simply put: We listen – you hear!

Hearing Protection

We offer custom-made hearing protection for musicians, dentists, hunters and others who are exposed to high noise levels at work or play.

Hearing Assistance

We provide hearing assistance with hearing testing, hearing aids, assistive devices and listening training. Talk with our Audiologist to get her recommendations for your needs.


There’s Only One Way To Rock
“I play in a rock band and we like to play loud. After years of struggling to find a balance between protecting my ears and hearing the nuances of the music being played, I’m thrilled the problem is solved with my custom earplugs. I was very impressed with the detailed assessment Anita conducted as part of the fitting process. She knows the right questions to ask gigging musicians. She is a total professional and I highly recommend Hearing Solutions in the Triangle.”


Anita loves her work and it shows!
“Anita loves her work and it shows. She will do everything possible to determine the proper hearing aid needed. She will fit it perfectly! She is always helpful and capable. Anita — I thank God for you!”

Bobby S.

Great Service!
“My hearing aid was stopped up and not working so I called to see if she could fix it. She got me in right away and knew what to do. She replaced some parts and cleaned it up and it was ready to go -and I could hear my family I had come to visit. Nice place and friendly service. Will come back for more,”

Jean W.
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