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Eat herbs for hearing health! Make sure to include plenty of herbs in your meals to keep ears and hearing sharp. Use the power of foods & nutrition to maintain good hearing.

Include these herbs for healthy ears and hearing:

Basil:  A magnesium-rich herb. Our ears rely on magnesium to function correctly. Magnesium helps prevent inner ear damage and keeps blood vessels healthy for the inner ear to work properly.

Dill:  Rich in Zinc, this herb aids your immune system. Zinc can increase our inner ear’s resistance to age-related hearing loss.  *Important for boomers!

Oregano: High in anti-oxidants, this herb helps to control free-radical damage to our nerve tissue in our ears and brain.

Tumeric: High in potassium – an herb vital for our ears. As we age, our potassium levels may drop and can contribute to age-related hearing loss. Potassium is  important for converting sounds into signals for the brain to interpret

Herbs are easy to add to your meals:

> Mix with other greens for a nutritious salad

> Sprinkle into soups or stews

> Add to your favorite marinade or sauce

> Sauté with vegetables.

Enjoy these Herbs for Hearing!

Hearing wellness will have a ripple effect on your life and relationships! Make hearing a priority for 2023 and you will see improved relationships and less stress.

Dr. Anita Carroll is a licensed Audiologist and owner of Hearing Solutions in the Triangle, PLLC with over 25 years of experience. Need some wellness tips – she can be contacted here.  If you’re looking to test hearing or improve listening skills visit our online scheduling here.