Pay it forward to a friend and help someone hear better! Spread the word about our Gift of Hearing Award with someone you know who needs hearing assistance. Encourage them to be a hearing success story like those we have helped in the past. Learn about a few we have helped to hear in the past:

Louise, who desperately needed to hear to keep her husband safe at home as she cared for him. She is now confident to interact socially, easily hears personal matters and hears her husband when he leaves home un-escorted.

Kelly, a young professional and new mother who needed accurate hearing for co-workers and meetings as well as hearing her infant son.  She has advanced in her career and can now hear and care for her son without worry!

Randy, with many medical issues that overshadowed his hearing problems and needed good communication with his providers and family. He now enjoys confident interactions at his business and home and is very grateful for improving his quality of life!

Note that our Gift of Hearing Award requires NO financial information and is based ONLY upon nomination and compelling communication needs.  So please pass this on and pay it forward before the December deadline!  Details here!

Dr. Anita Carroll established “The Gift of Hearing” program so that others could enjoy better communication and improve their quality of life.  She can be contacted here if you have any questions about this program.