Listening training friends having lunch

Do you know what type of listener you are?  Listening is important to communication success. Listening effects our quality of relationships, job performance and understanding. Almost every aspect of our lives are linked to our ability to listen and communicate.

Listening is a skill that can be improved.  Everyone has a preferred “mode” of listening and there are 5 distinct patterns of listening.  Find out what type of listener you are below:

PEOPLE ORIENTED listeners focus on the feelings and relationships. They enjoy humor and illustrations.

TIME ORIENTED listeners want to be efficient. They just want the facts and the information to be clear and succinct.

CONTENT ORIENTED listeners evaluate what they hear from different perspectives and need evidence to be meaningful.

ACTION ORIENTED listeners focus on tasks and problem solving:  what needs to happen and who will do it, etc.

SELECTIVE LISTENERS filter and summarize before hearing everything.  They switch between active and passive listening by selecting what they will hear without attention to details.

Many good listeners develop a variety of listening styles depending on the situation.  As you improve your listening skills, you will notice improved understanding and better relationships.

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