Say What


I hear “What” a lot in my world as Audiologist.  It is often a quick reply when I say I am an “Audiologist”. Ears are what most people think about when I tell them what I do . . . but as an Audiologist, this is what I think about . . .

  • Playing “hearing games” with your baby so we can test his hearing.
  • Your beautiful 3-year-old daughter. Reviewing her hearing loss and calming your fears so she won’t be left behind on the playground.
  • Telling you “No, there are no pills to take after your hearing has been damaged by loud noise.”
  • Hearing that you “are a new woman again” because you have more confidence in your hearing.
  • Making custom swim plugs for your son so he can be on the swim team with all his friends – even with tubes in his ears.
  • Watching my father smile and laugh again – and not feeling left out anymore after fitting him with his first hearing aid.
  • Gifting you your hearing aid because you couldn’t afford it and need it to keep your job.
  • Watching a professional musician cry because his hearing is so distorted and unable to “tune” after years of loud music.
  • Convincing your doctor to use hearing aids so he can be a better doctor by hearing his patients.
  • How to tell you that you are losing more hearing when you don’t have much more to lose.
  • Laughing with you when you tell me you accidentally “chewed up your hearing aid” because you thought it was a peanut M+M!
  • Feeling angry your family disrespects you because of your hearing disability.
  • Heartaches after learning your favorite patient did not recover from surgery and you will not see him again.

Joy, laughter, tears and heartaches come with hearing “WHAT” over the years. I think how lucky I am to be able to help with the “What?”.   Tell us what YOU think when someone says “What?”

Dr. Anita Carroll is a licensed Audiologist and owner of Hearing Solutions in the Triangle, PLLC with over 25 years of experience. Need a long-term relationship with your hearing provider – she would love to help you with your “What?”  Visit our online scheduling here.