Will I lose hearing with age

Will I Lose Hearing with Age?

Many think they will lose hearing with age, but hearing declines from health, lifestyle and disease factors rather than passage of time. Hearing loss does NOT have to be inevitable part of aging!

Many EXPECT to lose their hearing with age because it is COMMON!  But “common” does not mean inevitable with good health practices. Hypertension is “common” but is a result of poor diet and lifestyle. Just like hearing loss, it does not have to be a  “normal” part of aging.

Overall health and lifestyle affect our hearing ability rather than simple aging. Here are the risks and how to manage them:

Cumulative noise: The key is “cumulative”!

  • A lifetime of sound from recreation, work, etc. leads to hearing loss. If it sounds loud, it IS too loud for healthy ears.
  • Avoid noisy places/activities. Use earplugs now or hearing aids later!

Diseases: Unhealthy body = unhealthy ears!

  • Diseases that affect blood flow, neurological or metabolic systems affect long-term hearing.
  • Smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney disease all affect your hearing! Early intervention prevents hearing loss with age.

Hereditary factors: Know your family history!

  • If a relative has hearing loss protect against what caused it! Be vigilant with your own hearing.
  • Take steps to stop any progression of hearing loss. Get a baseline hearing test at 40 – earlier if you suspect a hearing loss.

 Deprivation/Disuse: Hearing loss deprives sound to your brain.

  • If you already have hearing loss, early treatment preserves integrity and prevents atrophy in your hearing system.
  • Sound deprivation from untreated hearing loss reduces your brain’s ability to recognize speech sounds. Waiting makes it more difficult to treat later.

We are trained to keep your hearing healthy! Follow our plan and you’ll be on the road to aging without hearing loss!

Dr. Anita Carroll is a licensed Audiologist and owner of Hearing Solutions in the Triangle, PLLC with over 25 years of experience. Need a plan? Our Audiologist can be contacted here.  If you’re looking to test hearing or improve listening skills visit our online scheduling here.