Family Hearing Wellness

Family hearing wellness can prevent generational hearing loss. Keep an ear out for those you love! Hearing is often affected by members of the same family. Awareness is key!

Specific inherited genes have been identified for hearing loss. Some may only affect males or females in your family.

Diseases like diabetes, kidney, thyroid and heart disease cause hearing loss and run in families.  Similar lifestyles may expose them to similar risks for hearing loss such as noise or health factors.

If you have a relative who has hearing loss (parent, sibling, aunt/uncle, grandparent) – you may also be affected whether it’s sooner or later!  Know your family history.

When a relative has hearing loss – protect against what caused theirs.  Prevention works!  It may be inherited or lifestyle related, but take these steps to prevent hearing loss in your family:

  • Know your family hearing history.
  • Be vigilant with any ear problems.
  • Baseline hearing test at age 40 to see where you stand.
  • Monitor hearing every 5 years. (More often if you have a hearing loss history.)

Talk with your family members. Remind them if you have hearing problems.  Encourage early prevention by getting their hearing tested early – when its development may be more easily treated.

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