Swim plugs will keep your summer activities fun and your ears water-free! Hate water in your ears? Keep that water out of your ears and enjoy water-free ears this summer!

Waterproof swim plugs are custom made to offer protection for those who suffer from water sensitivity and ear infections. Some will float and all are designed for maximum comfort.

Custom fitted swim plugs help to avoid swimmer’s ear infections. The most common cause of swimmer’s ear is bacteria inside your ear canal from water that remains in your ear. The less moisture in your ear, the better your ears will feel and fewer visits to the doctor!

We are excited to offer custom-fitted swim plugs in an array of colors here at Hearing Solutions in the Triangle.   We recommend our patients thoroughly dry their ears after swimming or showering.  The less moisture in your ear, the better your ears will feel!

Invest in a good pair of swim plugs and enjoy summer fun with water-free ears!  Schedule an appointment today and get them for your summer fun!

Dr. Anita Carroll is a licensed Audiologist who enjoys assisting others with custom recreational ear products to keep your ears healthy and hearing well. If you’re looking to improve the health of your ears, contact her for advice on custom swim plugs.