2019 Hearing wellness plan

2019 Hearing Wellness Plan

Is hearing in your wellness plan for 2019? Early detection is key to prevent further decline and usually means easier rehab down the road. Hearing wellness is key to all communication – and that’s a priority!

With so much health information online, it’s easy to ignore hearing wellness. But you can’t get accurate results from testing your hearing online or from a phone.

If you think you have a hearing loss (or know someone who does) follow our plan for hearing wellness:
• Start with a hearing test from an Audiologist.
• Understand HOW you hear and why you may be having difficulty.
• Find out how to PRESERVE your hearing – even with a hearing loss!
• Use hearing TECHNOLOGY that’s specific for you, your hearing and your lifestyle.

Hearing technology today includes digital hearing protection, smart hearing aids, rechargeable devices and Bluetooth options. That means simple, easy and nearly invisible!

We are trained to keep your hearing healthy! Follow our plan and you’ll be on the road to hearing wellness for 2019 and beyond!

Hearing wellness has a ripple effect on your life! Make hearing a priority for 2019 and you will see improved relationships and less stress.  Dr. Anita Carroll is a licensed Audiologist and owner of Hearing Solutions in the Triangle, PLLC with over 25 years of experience. Need some hearing tips – she can be contacted here.  If you’re looking to test hearing or improve listening skills visit our online scheduling here.