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Ears are a window to the heart.

Hearing loss can be one of the first, early signs of heart disease. If our heart is not pumping correctly, it restricts blood flow to the inner ear and causes permanent hearing damage.

Blocked arteries, defective valves, abnormal beating and strokes can all effect blood flow and show up as hearing loss.

A healthy heart promotes good hearing.  Conversely, poor cardiovascular health or injury to inner ear blood vessels will develop signs of hearing loss.  This is especially true for low-frequency (LF) or low-pitched hearing loss.


*Hearing loss occurs BEFORE signs of restricted blood flow elsewhere – with our ears as an early window into the heart health.

*Hearing loss can be an EARLY SIGN of vascular disease & plaque buildup.

*Low-frequency (LF) hearing loss is significantly associated with artery disease, heart attack, strokes & TIAs –  as an early window into the heart.

  • Women with LF hearing loss are associated with 3X rate of CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE
  • Men with LF hearing loss are associated with 3X rate of STROKE.


  1. If you have heart disease, get a hearing evaluation to check status of ear health.
  2. If you have a low-frequency hearing loss, get your cardiovascular health evaluated.

We are trained to keep your hearing healthy! Follow our plan and you’ll be on the road to hearing wellness for 2022 and beyond!

Hearing wellness will have a ripple effect on your life and relationships! Make hearing a priority for 2022 and you will see improved relationships and less stress.

Dr. Anita Carroll is a licensed Audiologist and owner of Hearing Solutions in the Triangle, PLLC with over 25 years of experience. Need some wellness tips – she can be contacted here.  If you’re looking to test hearing or improve listening skills visit our online scheduling here.