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2 Step Quarantine Hearing Aid Care

Quarantine hearing aid care is vital to keep your hearing aid working! This is particularly important during quarantine for the Coronavirus as our Audiologist may not be available. It is vital to maintain your hearing aid(s).  You need to hear well and understand up-to-date information.

Our 2-step quarantine hearing aid care is easy, preventative care for your hearing aid(s).

  • It is essential to prevent breakdowns in electronics.
  • It prevents hearing aid blockages.
  • Hearing is critical to your safety.
The ONLY tools you need are easy to find at home!
  1. Dry Toothbrush (any type)
  2. Tissue or soft cloth

Instructions: (Do this daily)

  1. Use a DRY toothbrush (NO toothpaste): Carefully brush the entire hearing aid, case and parts. Pay attention to brushing the part that is inserted into your ear as it will accumulate debris that can damage the electronics.  Brushing daily is recommended even if there is no visible debris.
  1. Carefully wipe down the entire hearing aid, case and parts with the tissue or cloth. This will prevent buildup that causes blockages of the electronic components.  Wiping nightly is recommended to prevent buildup and repair problems. No alcohol or cleaner.

While this may seem “too simple”  – it WORKS if done daily!  Don’t worry about fancy tools that you may have misplaced – just DO THIS and your hearing aid will continue to work through the quarantine and beyond!  Be diligent and this will prevent problems. Our Audiologist will do a more thorough cleaning at your next appointment!

Need more help on hearing aid care?  Visit our Video Resources for additional instructions.

Stay well and hear well throughout the quarantine!

Hearing wellness has a ripple effect on your life and safety! Make hearing a priority for 2020 and you will see improved lifestyle and safety concerns.

Dr. Anita Carroll is a licensed Audiologist and owner of Hearing Solutions in the Triangle, PLLC with over 25 years of experience. Need some hearing aid tips – she can be contacted here.  If you’re looking to test hearing or improve listening skills visit our online scheduling here. 

Take a moment and download Dr. Anita’s 30 Day Hearing Report that will give you quick, practical ways to improve your listening and hearing skills.